The Thresher supports the Catalyst's request for $1 in blanket tax funds (see story, p. 1). As Rice's only undergraduate scientific research journal, the Catalyst publishes unique content and emphasizes Rice's commitment to giving undergraduates research opportunities. We understand the costs that go into producing a publication and think their request is reasonable.

The Thresher would like to see further clarification from the Rice Environmental Society, which applied for a $9 blanket tax, as to how its funds would be allocated (see story, p. 1). RES's mission to fund environmental projects is commendable. We also support the idea that students could initiate their own projects. However, we see it as potentially problematic that all the groups in the organization would have access to the same money. It seems plausible that one person or group could monopolize all the funds. Before granting RES $9 in blanket tax funding, we would like to see some sort of checks and balances system implemented or a more clearly defined method of appropriating money.


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