The Thresher would like to corroborate the general feeling among students that hot food at the Hoot is running out too quickly. While the Hoot must, of course, first have the capital and stable consumer base in order to purchase more food, the general feeling on campus appears to be that there is enough demand among Rice University students for the Hoot's hot food to justify purchasing additional food, especially given that the Hoot's food is often sold out by 11 p.m. or midnight, which is only about halfway through the Hoot's hours of operation (see story, p. 4). 

To the extent that it would be fiscally responsible - jeopardizing our beloved student-run source of late-night food on campus would certainly not be in students' best interests - the Hoot should make every effort to have hot food in stock as close its closing time of 1:30 a.m. as possible. There is a happy medium between selling out of hot food too early and letting food - and therefore money - go to waste, and we hope the Hoot gets closer to finding it, thus optimizing its business and more effectively serving the undergraduate student body.


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