The Thresher would like to encourage more students to consider teaching student-taught courses. STCs are an important part of Rice's culture of student-led initiatives. We are fortunate at Rice to have the opportunity to be not only students, but also teachers. 

STCs offer a new perspective on academics. Often, we can learn the most from our peers. Students at Rice have a wonderful variety of interests and areas of expertise, and STCs can be a great way for others to learn about something they would not usually have the opportunity to learn. Where else can you take a course like the 2011 STC on the theories and techniques of the dating game?

In the past year, the requirements for becoming a teacher of an STC have increased to include a seven-week preparatory course, (see story, p.1). We understand that this adds another layer of difficulty for teachers, but we strongly urge students to not let this deter them from teaching. It may be more work for teachers, but STCs are worth the extra effort, especially if the new requirement improves the quality as intended.


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