In light of Bike Safety Awareness Week, the Thresher would like to promote mutual awareness not only among bicyclists, but also among pedestrians and drivers. While bicyclist awareness certainly needs to be raised, there are steps pedestrians and drivers can take to create a safer transportation atmosphere in general.

First, bicyclists should keep in mind that they are in fact subject to traffic rules - including stop signs, yield signs, crosswalks and one-way streets. That their wheels lack of a motor does not exempt bicyclists from the rules of the road.

Second, pedestrians must also be aware of their surroundings. A nose glued to an iPhone screen does not make for a courteous walker. Pedestrians and bicyclists alike should remember that a sidewalk is most efficient when treated like a road: Walk or ride on the right, and pass on the left.

Third, drivers should be alert at all times for bicyclists. This is a college campus and thus holds a greater proportion of bicyclists than the general Houston population. Houston itself is not a bike-friendly city, but once inside the hedges, it becomes even more important than usual for drivers to keep an eye peeled for the average college student on a bicycle.

We can foster a community of safety by encouraging all three groups of travelers to be aware of their surroundings, to obey the general rules of the road, and to be courteous to each other.

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