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The second-annual undergraduate-led CelebrateART festival showcased Rice University student art in a multiplicity of forms, from paintings to one acts, acoustic musicians to craft couture designers. With the aim to restore the balance between letters, science and art, as per the Rice motto, the festival provided a two day period of time for students to express their artistic creativity and delight in the talents of their peers. The festival kicked off at noon on Jan. 25 with a drum circle in the central quadrangle, performance art in Ray courtyard and art galleries in the Rice Memorial Center. Between the kick-off and the finale film-screening on Jan. 26, highlights of the festival included the BALTRA thrift shop, a capella performances, RTV5's video telephone interactive booth, the art gallery reception featuring music by the Jon Hua Quintet, a craft couture show and a full-house comedy show by Kinda Sketchy. Whether visitors came to peruse the art galleries in a Leebron-inspired festival T-shirt, free paint in the Saint Arnold Brewing Company-sponsored beer garden, buy handmade necklaces at the art market, or free sketch outdoors while listening to singer-songwriters croon over their guitars and pianos, they were able to indulge in the arts, regardless of their major or background.


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