Baker vs Wiess -

Despite an early safety, Baker was eventually able to settle down behind a running game that looked as sharp as ever and get the 21-9 win. After beating teams with superior speed and quickness last season, Baker got back to that recipe en route to three total touchdowns. Wiess was able to bring the game to within 14-9 after a fourth-and-long touchdown, but didn't really threaten at any point after that and was handled pretty convincingly by Baker's productive rushing attack. After failing to score in their first five games last year, Wiess was able to get on the board relatively early in this one and looked much improved from last season. Baker was favored by 13.5 heading into the game, and looked like they would have covered if not for Wiess's fourth-and-long conversion.

Brown vs McMurtry -

Brown held a 7-0 lead for most of the game before giving up two touchdowns in the final two minutes of the game. McMurtry was able to score and get an interception in order to steal the victory. McMurtry went 1-6 last season compared to Brown's 3-4, with the former being outscored 102-31 over the course of the season. Needless to say, the victory either shows marked growth from last season or highlights the inherently fluky nature of football. Brown was favored by 5.5 going into the game but lost outright. In all likelihood McMurtry will regress significantly against defending-champion Lovett next week. As a team with little margin for error, Brown cannot afford to fall apart in the clutch next week against a Sid Richardson team that outplayed their record last season.


Spread betting in sports refers to a kind of betting that measures the degree of accuracy of a wager, as opposed to just picking a winner or loser. The spread, or "line," refers to the expected point differential between two teams, and the bettor must choose if the difference between the scores of the two teams will be higher or lower than indicated by the odds. In any matchup, the favorite is the team giving, or "laying," points, signified by the negative number associated with them. This number represents the number of points by which the team is expected to win.

the Thresher's

Week 2 Powderpuff lines

Baker (-5.5) vs. Duncan

Jones (even) vs. Will Rice

Sid (-6.5) vs. Brown

Martel (-9.5) vs. Wiess

Lovett ( -12.5 ) vs. McMurtry

GSA (-6.5) vs. Martel