Bombay Pizza


Indian pizza might sound like a contra- diction, but Bombay Pizza offers some delicious topping combinations served on Naan bread.





If you really want a Big Mac and possess a lion's courage, perhaps the infamous McDonalds by the Greyhound bus station is for you. Prepare to be panhandled, stared at, and made extremely uncomfortable.



Hubcap Grill


This burger place always has a wait and is only open for lunch, but its burgers are the second best in the city.  Try the Philly Cheese Steak burger.  



Breakfast Klub


This is not just the best place for breakfast off the light rail, but in all of Houston as well. Their signature Chicken and Waffles or Catfish and Grits are a must. Regulars know that French Toast can be substituted for waf- fles when desired.





One of the nicest restaurants in Houston, Reef serves amazing seafood. However, the price makes it a serious investment for a college stu- dent's budget. It is a good choice to celebrate something special or take a date you wish to impress. However, we all know that Rice students won't have dates to impress.



Tacos A go-go


This is the best Mexican food off the light rail. Its breakfast and desert tacos are the best.



Les Givrals


The Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwiches are delicious, filling and less than three dollars. Easily the best deal in all of Houston.



Bodegas Taco Shop


Boring Mexican food that is more expensive and less convenient than Chipotle's.




$'s depend on grocery needs

Commonly known as Sketchi- esta, this supermarket is a con- venient stop off the light rail but not somewhere you would want to be alone after dark.





Zero switchblades Long known as the last resort for students when they can't stomach the servery, this burrito chain offers fast, reliable and gen- erally unremarkable food.




- One $ for every five dollars per person (approximate) - A zero to five scale of to measure sketchiness. - Zero means completely comfortable, three means bring a friend and five means bring a friend who can bench over 200 lbs.

- The GPA grade denotes quality without regard to price.