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FEATURES 8/29/18 1:03am

One year later: Reflections on Harvey

A year after Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston, we talk to students and professors about the storm that changed their lives and the city at large. Tram Nguyen McMurtry College Senior Tram Nguyen had just settled into temporary housing after her third home was damaged by a hurricane when the Thresher spoke to her last fall.

FEATURES 8/22/18 12:44am

Rice students stay active over summer break

The academic year technically ends in early May, but many undergraduates continue their endeavours — conducting research, taking classes, running businesses and everything in between — through the humid months that follow, both on campus and around the world. STUDYING ABROAD Mackenzie Kubik, McMurtry ‘19 While many students stayed in the outer loop this summer, others traveled a little farther.

FEATURES 4/18/18 12:46am

Dean Hutch: The end of an era

It’s easy to assume that “Hutch” is a persona – a character of a dean constructed to be the right proportion of relatable, respected and revered.But Hutch does not go home and remove a mask to become John Hutchinson again. He really just is the same person.

FEATURES 4/11/18 3:11am

Seniors win prestigious scholarships

As graduation approaches, these seniors are looking forward to graduate school and international travel. Photo: Lucrecia Aguilar, pictured observing a lion in Tanzania, will be traveling to Botswana, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Brazil and India to study big cats with her Watson scholarship. 

FEATURES 4/4/18 12:24am

​Science beyond the hedges

Science cafe speakers must consider carefully how to make scientific concepts accessible and engaging to lay audiences in their approximately 20-minute-long talks that are followed by a Q&A session and discussion.