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OPINION 10/19/16 8:00am

Great argument for Bailiff’s firing

Mr. Tolpadi’s piece entitled “Told by Tolpadi: After football’s brutal start, it is time for Bailiff to go” is arguably the most cogent argument I have seen to date for the firing of David Bailiff as head football coach of Rice University.

OPINION 10/5/16 8:02am

Sexual desire and depression

Re: the “low sexual desire reader” (assuming it is not a joke). Lack of a “target rich environment,” or whatever, may not be the reason for the reader’s low sexual desire.

OPINION 9/28/16 7:00am

Ask Merri and Webster!

For the past nine months, I feel like I’ve been struggling with low sexual desire. People I’d normally be sexually attracted to don’t interest me anymore, even though I’m pretty sure my physical sexual functioning is fine.