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Letters To The Editor

OPINION 11/8/17 3:33am

LTTE: The only lack of dignity at NOD was Chi Alpha's

In last week’s Thresher article, “Evening of Elegance Attendance surpasses NOD for the first time,” Chi Alpha staff member Mathison Ingham said, “We wanted to create an event that gave dignity to people and let them have fun in an uplifting atmosphere.” This merits a response to those who attended or considered attending NOD and to Chi Alpha as an organization. To the former: Resist the notion being presented to you that sexuality, nudity, or following your own feelings and choices is without dignity.

OPINION 3/8/17 8:00am

Letter to the Editor: Who does the SA work for?

There’s almost no denying this Student Association election has been a total disaster. From the alleged intervention of non-university affiliated political groups to the recent mudslinging between the two major presidential candidates, this campaign cycle has begun to look more like a scene from a Michael Moore documentary than a student government election.

OPINION 12/9/16 7:58am

Letter to the Editor: CTIS class a measured step in the right direction

Last week, the Thresher editorial board published an editorial titled “Proposed CTIS class not a win, but a disappointment.” I find the primary criticism of the article, that omitting certain topics from the mandatory portion of the Critical Thinking in Sexuality workshop to accommodate for certain students “is simply wrong,” is short-sighted and the overall tone of the article is unconstructive. It is incredibly important to keep in mind this workshop is mandatory, something I think the editorial board is failing to do.