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FEATURES 4/18/18 12:46am

Dean Hutch: The end of an era

It’s easy to assume that “Hutch” is a persona – a character of a dean constructed to be the right proportion of relatable, respected and revered.But Hutch does not go home and remove a mask to become John Hutchinson again. He really just is the same person.

FEATURES 4/11/18 3:11am

Seniors win prestigious scholarships

As graduation approaches, these seniors are looking forward to graduate school and international travel. Photo: Lucrecia Aguilar, pictured observing a lion in Tanzania, will be traveling to Botswana, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Brazil and India to study big cats with her Watson scholarship. 

FEATURES 4/4/18 12:24am

​Science beyond the hedges

Science cafe speakers must consider carefully how to make scientific concepts accessible and engaging to lay audiences in their approximately 20-minute-long talks that are followed by a Q&A session and discussion.