Lilly Pulitzer frenzy

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In a phrase: Crazy basic girls mob popular retails stores.

Where to find it: Target, if there’s any left.

If you don’t know what Lilly Pulitzer is, just think ultra preppy, neon-pink-and-green dresses and skirts. The brand has traditionally had a reputation for being overpriced and difficult to procure, so when news broke that a more reasonably priced line was coming to Target, 16- to 30-year-old females everywhere jumped with glee.

Despite the hype, however, no one could have predicted the response when Target launched the line on Monday, April 20. Hundred-person lines accumulated outside Target stores across the country like it was Black Friday, and shoppers crashed the website in record time. The good news is that Target has clearly found a winning product, but whether they can keep up with demand is yet to be determined.


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