FILM: 'Rocky Horror' remake

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In a phrase: Rocky Horror meets High School Musical.

Where to find it: Details are sparse, but will probably air on television sometime next year.

Speculation is circling around the recent announcement that Fox will be remaking everyone’s favorite cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Details are sparse, but Hollywood Reporter claims it will be pre-taped and aired on Fox in time for the 1975 film’s 40th anniversary. The other known tidbit is that the film will be directed by Kenny Ortega of High School Musical fame, which has spurred a wave of ambivalent reactions across the web. News that the original film’s producers, Lou Adler and Gail Berman, will join the project has assuaged some worries that Ortega will Disney-fy the musical.

This is Fox’s second attempt to remake the classic — there was talk about the network picking it up 10 years ago for its 30th anniversary, but the project never came to fruition. The decision to go through with the production this time around may have something to do with Fox’s growing affinity for remaking musicals. The Rocky Horror announcement closely follows Fox’s wild success with musical show Glee and news of a Grease remake starring Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough.


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