Brochstein Pavilion will now be available Mondays through Thursdays from 7 to 10 p.m. as an additional study space, according to Rice University Housing and Dining.

“From the graduate student perspective, options for study space on campus can seem limited."

The change occurred in response to the request from the Graduate Student Association’s request to increase the number of study spaces available to students. Consistent with the original purpose of the Brochstein Pavilion coffee shop, students are allowed to bring their own food and beverages during the additional study hours.

“During the study time, a student proctor will be in the building in order to provide Housing and Dining regular feedback on student attendance,” Assistant Director of Campus Dining Julie Bogar said.

Bogar said Housing and Dining has predicted there will be an average of 24 students working at Brochstein most evenings.

Kathryn Kunrod, a graduate bioengineering student, said the idea of additional study space is popular among students, as it provides a more flexible and relaxing option compared to Fondren Library, which is adjacent to Brochstein.

“The additional study space is a fantastic choice, Kundrod said. “From the graduate student perspective, options for study space on campus can seem limited. Even though there are other options such as Fondren for studying in the evenings, I believe the increase of the number and diversity of study space will better accommodate different students’ schedules and preferences.”

Bogar said this will be the first time that Brochstein is used as evening study space.

“Because this is a pilot program, we will evaluate its success or failure based on the level of student participation,” Bogar said. “Therefore, I encourage students to visit the Brochstein evening study space at least once, and we highly appreciate students’ feedbacks on the project.”