Welcome one and all! Since I took the yoke of Opinions Editor, we have run a few self-ads encouraging readers to write opinions articles. Please note the change in tone of the ad, from a request to a reminder:



As the calls of slammed trunk doors die away

and towers of boxes and bins dwindle

Between brimmed buckets of announcements

poured over our bewildered ears and eyes

I wish to share with you some hopes.

If you want to shout your thoughts from a roof

Fondren’s will garner widest audience, but

I hope you think the Thresher a good roof.


If you have saved some public monologues

snuck in the corners of your mind, you will

find columnists welcome to the Thresher. 


Should recent news spark your strong reaction

the act of writing allows thorough thought

and I hope you think thoroughly through us.

If your convictions fall on ears unhearing

or everyone seems out of earshot

plenty of eyes study newsprint, like yours.


You need no invitation to write us

but, as any teacher might subtly threat, 

should no one raise a hand, I shall call you

as empty opinion sections are lies.