• Replaces separate constitution and bylaws with single document organized by topic

Article I: Name and Purpose

  • Preserves the mission of the SA

Article II: Membership and Organization

  • Clarifies the role of different groups and organizations within the SA

Article III: Definitions

  • Defines key terms

Article IV: Legislative

  • Clarifies legislative procedures and expands prior notice requirements

Article V: Executive

  • Updates officer responsibilities to align with actual practice

Article VI: Judicial

  • Establishes judicial procedures, jurisdiction and possible outcomes

Article VII: Committees

  • Simplifies types of committees to be either permanent standing committees or temporary special committees

Article VIII: Organizations

  • Removes procedural barriers in club approval process

Article IX: Subsidiary Organizations

  • Expands autonomy for subsidiary organizations and establishes clear procedures for governance

Article X: Finances and Blanket Tax

  • Clarifies blanket tax review process and improves fairness

Article XI: Initiatives and Referenda

  • Clarifies procedures for initiatives and referenda and ensures procedure works in practice with special elections for time-sensitive matters

Article XII: Elections

  • Clarifies election procedures, ensure transparency, ensure rules apply both to candidates and to initiatives/referenda

Article XIII: Legislative

  • Outlines general practices for good conduct and prevention of conflict of interest

Article XIV: Amendments

  • Establishes clear procedure for amendments and ratification (including grace period to make changes in dependent and subsidiary organizations' constitutions to meet any new requirements)