Baker College did not hold its fall public party, Baker Blues, during Families Weekend and will no longer do so in the future, according to Baker Social Sidney Cauthorn.

"We moved the date because there were potential conflicts with the new Families Weekend schedule that would pull Baker parents away from the event," Cauthorn, a senior, said. "[For example,] parents might choose between BakerBlues or [the] football game because the football game would end around the time the party would start."

Cauthorn said the party, planned to be held on Nov. 9, might not remain Baker Blues.

"The [theme] is subject to change, [but] we haven't decided [on one] as a college yet," Cauthorn said. 

Baker College freshman Maha Aziz said a public vote was held at Baker's cabinet.

"The majority of people wanted to have a similar idea to Baker Blues but with a few minor changes," Aziz said.